behind the lens

This is Me

I started my business in 2010


This is my husband Michael

We  met in 2012.

This is my business but I wouldn't be where I am today without him. 


I love what I do and have been learning since I was 17.

I love doing portraits and family sessions but my real passion is weddings. I did my first wedding in 2010, and I have been growing ever since. 


I do all the advertising, emailing, meetings, editing and more. Michael is my rock, my support and he encourages me to push myself further. He is a great second photographer at weddings. While I am posing the bridal party and taking portraits, he watches from behind getting amazing candids. He is the best assistant a girl could ask for.

We work great together and love capturing weddings side by side! I couldn't ask for anything more.


We are currently located in the Atlanta, Ga area, however, I am open to travel where ever you may need me to be. We have two "children" Charlie the dog and Dancer the cat.




© 2015 Sarah Diller Cummins.