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  • Sarah Diller Cummins

Rebekah & Devan | Engagement | Rome, GA

As the golden sun cast its glow across the campus and illuminated the castle-like buildings, they reminisced about the early days of their relationship. Their smiles and love were brighter than the sun that spread it's warmth on them that day.

When Bekah and I spoke on the phone about possibly capturing their wedding in November, she described it as "Short, sweet, and meaningful" Just listening to her describe it that way, and then talking about how the events of the day would play out, I knew this was going to be special. I just had no idea how special this would be!

"Short, sweet and meaningful" doesn't even begin to describe their engagement session. First, when we decided to have the session at Berry College (where they met) my heart melted. I had never been to the campus, but I knew it was gorgeous. Bekah talked about how she remembered seeing Devan for the first time in a particular arch way near their dorm, so we had to "recreate" that moment for her.

What Bekah didn't know. About a week or so before the session, Devan emailed me saying that he had a special plan. The couple had decided to get married, however, there was no ring...yet. Tears filled my eyes when I read his email and the moment he got down on one knee. It was a simply, magical moment and I am sure they both will remember it forever.

Looking through all the photos, it is so apparent how much love these two share. I am so honored and excited to be a part of this special time in their lives.

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