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Sarah Diller Cummins

Wife, Mother, Artist, Tea Addict, Dreamer...

Hey there, I'm Sarah. I currently live in Lawrenceville, Ga with my husband Michael, and our incredible daughters Elliott and Jillian We have 3 cats and one big, poofy Sheepadoodle. Michael and I met in 2012 while attending Georgia Southern University. In 2015 we got married, I graduated with my Bachelors in Studio Art, I quit my job as a waitress planning to take on photography full time, and we shot our first wedding together. (I did my first solo wedding in 2010)

A little about the business: I always loved the idea of photographic memories. When I was little I would sneak old photos of family members I had never met into my room and just stare at them: wondering about the person in the photo. It was so fascinating to me, even as a kid, that there was this paper memory of this person who wasn’t on the earth any more and the only way I could see them was by looking at the photo. My mom always had (and still does) lots of photos on the wall of me and my 3 sisters and now even more of her 8 grandkids. When I was in middle school I always wanted disposable cameras so I could take photos while at school or during special events. The anticipation of getting the film developed was like Christmas morning every time, so exciting. Fast forward to the 11th grade (2006) I was on yearbook staff at my high school. I also played softball and tennis and was in multiple organizations so the yearbook teacher would let me take the Canon Rebel out to events to take the photos for the yearbook. That is when I realized I not only loved the photos themselves, but I love capturing photos on my own. I would sit at a tennis match and not only get the photos I needed for the yearbook, but I would also practice on my friends, kids playing on the playground, plants, trees, etc...  My best friend and I would go to the library every afternoon and one day I told the librarian that I wanted to be a photographer. She proceeded to give me multiple books on wedding photography that no one ever checked out. Thus started my “training”.


I devoured all the information I could. My senior year I followed a wedding photographer and his two assistants at a wedding and then after graduating I worked for another photographer in my home town. I learned a little photoshop while working while working for him behind the scenes in his studio. Then in 2010, my high school tennis partner asked me to do her wedding, and I did. I continued my education into college, studying studio art and taking a few photography classes as well as getting some practice in taking photos for friends. I went full time in 2016 and have continued to grow in my knowledge of all things photography. I can honestly say that I love my job. When I am not watching the Wiggles with my daughter, I am watching wedding shows (Say Yes to the Dress being the main one). I love making new photographer friends and learning and growing with them as well. There is always room to grow and I am so eager for it all and so excited to see where this road continues to lead me.

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