• Sarah Diller Cummins

Sarah & Brian | Engagement

I met Sarah and Brian on September 6th in downtown Statesboro. I had discovered this nifty little path while doing a senior session a few weeks prior and I wanted to use it again. I was so excited for this engagement session not only because Sarah seemed super sweet through our emails (and let's face it, she has the best name) but I was so excited to use the brand new Canon 6D I had just purchased. It is always fun getting new "toys" and I was anxious to put it to use! Normally I try to meet with a couple before we have their session, however, this was our first time meeting. So for the first photo, I walked away and told them to just talk to each other casually while I hid behind this bush. I do this sometimes to open up with some candids and so we can break the ice a little. That is how I got this first shot!

I was incredibly happy with how their photos were turning out. I could already tell that this was going to be a great session! And just look at how adorable they are!

Oh, and then there was the time she tried to get on his back. It didn't turn out so great, but you have to admit these hilarious candids give you a glimsp of just how much fun we had.

Needless to say, I absolutely loved this session and this adorable couple. We walked around downtown and found tons of beautiful back drops. The Georgia Southern flag was a must, considering that is where they met! Thanks Sarah and Brian for this awesome experience. This is by far, one of my favorite engagement sessions, and I can't wait to see what we can create at your wedding in June!!




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