• Sarah Diller Cummins

Valarie & Adam | Engagement

So, I am very excited about sharing this engagement session, because their April wedding is the first one we have on the books for this year! This lovely couple's engagement session took place at the awesome George L. Smith state park, and we began right at the perfect time to get the orange, setting sun, peaking through the trees at us. It was not difficult to get smiles at this session, for the groom is perfectly goofy, and he even had me cracking up multiple times.

We followed what looked like a trail (we used oue imaginations) got attacked by fallen branches and chased the sun until there was only a light shade of pink on the horizon. In the final images I was able to get the right angle to capture the reflection of these interesting trees on the water.

I am in awe of how these photos turned out and I am even more excited for this first wedding of the 2016 season (unless of course someone books one before theirs) Enjoy these wonderful moments I captured of this beautiful husband and wife to-be.

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