• Sarah Diller Cummins

Meghan & Ryan | Engagement

Our first attempt at this session, we were hit by a crazy, out of nowhere storm that had us running for shelter. We did get a few good shots as the wind blew and the sky began to darken. Here are just a few of those before the rain. We began at Sweetheart Circle and made our way across campus.

This black and white photo was taken in a walkway where we ran to hide from the rain. I took advantage of the lighting and got this awesome shot. I also placed the GORGEOUS ring inside one of the bricks and got creative as we tried to wait out the storm.

When we realized the rain wasn't going to stop any time soon, we trudged back to our cars and rescheduled.

Man oh man. I loved the direction the first session was going in, however, the second one was amazing on a whole other level. They seemed more relaxed and we were able to have a lot more fun because we weren't looking at the sky. Except when the sun went down and we got some perfect golden hour shots!!

Oh I have to stop here. So, we were walking to a new spot and Ryan stops and asks Meghan for her ring. I turned around and he was placing it into this flower. This is one of my most favorite ring shots ever, credit goes to the groom!


Thanks Meghan and Ryan and congratulations.

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