• Sarah Diller Cummins

8 Second Ride

So on March 12th, I did something a little different. I had the opportunity to photograph a band during one of their live shows in Macon, Ga. I have taken snapshots of my friends performing in coffee shops years ago, but this was a lot different than that, and a lot harder.

First off, I took my mom because she had nothing better to do on a Friday night and thought it would be fun. We were able to park in the private parking lot behind the bar and let in a side door because we were "with the band". That was pretty exciting all on its own. See, I am not a party girl and I have maybe only been in a bar 3 times in my life, and never one this big.

The Crazy Bull is a large bar. I think I counted 4 wet bars on the main floor, not to mention the mechanical bull and the large dance floor in front of the stage. I didn't venture in the back, but I think there was another bar and a kitchen back there. So this is a pretty awesome place to be on a Friday night. Especially when you are "with the band"

So the music started and I got on the dance floor and started getting some shots. It was hard to get photos of the whole band, because they were moving a lot and also the drummer was hidden by the cymbols. I was very pleased when I got this shot. There is just something about those spotlights, that just make the photo fantastic.

So, the band took a break and Jared, the videographer (also the videographer available for my wedding packages) informed me that the building had another level and there was access to a loft that overlooked the band. I jumped all over this. So when the band gets back on stage, I went with the other videographer. We get up there, only to find that the part that over looks the stage is blocked off due to construction. Bummer. But that didn’t stop us from sticking our cameras through some holes in the tarps and getting some shots. At one point, I crawled on the floor, found part of the tarp that wasn’t tied down and pulled it up over the rail. I felt like the Indiana Jones of photography. I was going to do what I could to get that shot. Unfortunately this led to me getting sawdust all down my pants!

Eventually the owner did give us access to the blocked off portion and we were able to get some much better shots!

When we came back down, the side door was locked so we had to take the band intrance behind stage. I was able to get these awesome shots of the drummer as I sat on the stage beind the band.

It was definitely a new experience, and once I got the hang of it I was on the stage, off the stage and all over the place, making sure I got some good shots of this great band.

Thanks Mike Yurgalavage, the lead singer for hiring me to be a part of this great night. It was certainly an adventure and I hope to get to with them again. Check out 8 Second Ride. Great group of guys and great band!!

Also, check out this video made by Jared at Rustic Image Productions. I will be posting a video he made for me soon. I recommend you go to him for all your video needs!



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