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Chris & Mekia | Proposal

I want to start this blog off by saying, there comes a time in your life, where you sit back and look at your surroundings and think about how you got to where you are. For some reason, I had one of those moments Tuesday March 22 on my way to this session. March 14th was my one year wedding anniversary and my husband and I spent an AMAZING 3 days in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. As an anniversary gift, I received a beautiful new watch. Rose gold band with white crystals circling the face. So this watch it pretty much the fanciest piece of jewelry I have ever owned. I love it. Anyways, so my mother-n-law let me borrow her Toyota Camry to drive to the shoot because my 10 year old Cavalier has been acting funny. As I sat in Atlanta traffic in this nice car, I looked down at my wedding ring and my fancy watch. This is the part when I realized that I am a college graduate, I am married and I have my own successful business. Of course I knew all of these things already, but there was just something that clicked in that moment. I realized how proud I was of the woman I have become, and I owe a lot of it to my wonderful, loving husband.

So enough with me, now I need to share this incredible love story! A while back, by best friend's cousin and photographer Wendy Johnson of referred me to a guy who needed help with his suprise proposal. When Chris contacted me, I learned that this wasn’t just any proposal. Chris and Mekia have been married for 16 years. They were young and in love and didn’t have the time or money for an extravagant ceremony, so they went to the court house. Chris mentioned that his wife has expressed that she wouldn’t mind having a small ceremony where they can invite their close friends and family. The plan was to get her a ring, take her out for their anniversary and propose a vow renewal. I seriously almost teared up when he told me this story. I am a big sap anyway and romance is a weakness. I forgot to mention before, that another one of my anniversary gifts was a necklace Michael got me for our first Valentine’s day. He had taken it to get cleaned, put it in a new box and even got it wrapped. I bawled my eyes out like a little baby. Seriously. Full on crying with big fat tears rolling down my face. Let’s just say I am a very sentimental person, and leave it at that. So the restaurant is Canoe in Atlanta. The drive took me through many lovely neighborhoods complete with enormous gates, gigantic mansions and the most beautiful landscaping I have ever seen. All of the trees and azalea bushes are in bloom and the sunset was in that stage where it makes everything bright and hazy (or that could have just been the pollen in the air). I didn’t even mind the stop and go traffic because I had such a great view.

Ok, ok I realize how long this is getting, but I just have to share this whole story. If you would like to continue to the photos, I will not be offended. If you keep reading, thanks! I get the the restaurant and after frustratingly realizing that I was not going to find a parking spot and being scared by a guy tapping on the window, I had my first experience with valet service. I went out back to the most lovely courtyard overlooking the river. After walking around and trying to find the best hiding place (note I was the only one out there at the time and I have bright red hair!) I get a text from Chris “I can see you” I believe I actually laughed out loud. I waited outside for a few moments, got asked by a couple to take their photo by the river and then another couple asked for my card. It was actually quite eventful. When Chris and Mekia come out, I walk over to this couple and their son who had just came out as well. I stood beside them, apologize if I was being creepy, and proceeded to tell them what I was doing. I wish I knew who they were because what they did next was fantastic. They actually posed so that Chris and Mekia were behind them and I took photos over their shoulder. It was such a nice thing to do and I really appreciated their help. Where ever you are, kind strangers, I thank you again for your help, as silly as it may have seemed. And now, I will let the photos do the talking.

Oh and yes, he got down on one knee!!

Such a beautiful, loving couple. It was pleasure and a blessing to get to meet you both. Congratulations, and happy anniversary. It is good to see that there are amazing couples still out there like these two who still love each other so much and provide us newlyweds with role models for a great marraige. Thanks again. I wish you many, many, many more years of happiness!

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