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Eric Spencer | GSU Graduate

I normally don't do blog posts for GSU senior sessions, but this one is a little different. Thursday night, I was a little tired and run down after having multiple sessions everyday for the past week and part of me wished the massive amount of clouds looming over Statesboro would start water-falling. As I sat in my car, I asked myself "Does Eric really want to do traditional GSU grad photos?" I was scrolling through facebook on my phone when I heard a horn. Not a car horn. I look up and see Eric walking towards my car holding a euphonium and a trombone. So I got out of my car and just like I normally do, I asked what he wanted out of this sessions, but not in the typical way I usually do. I know Eric. I met him in 2012 when we were in marching band. He is in the brother organization to my sorority and I have done recital photos for him in the past. He is a great guy and he has no care in the world what others think of him. "So, you're not wanting the typical grad photos with the GSU bushes and Sweetheart Circle are you?" (Or somewhere along those lines, is what I asked.) His response was NO. I was relieved. Don't get me wrong, I love doing to typical GSU Grad photos. I have been blessed to have exactly 30 GSU grads book with me this season. I just needed something a little different and that is exactly what Eric wanted. So a little bit about this amazing musician before I get started with the photos. I want to share some of his accomplishments throughout his college career. He has placed in the international trombone association competitions, has been a soloist in all the ensembles he has playing in at GSU, and he was a Concerto competition winner. He was also a founding member of the organization Kappa Kappa Psi (the brother organization to my organization Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Service Sorority) and he was a member of the International Tuba, Euphonium Association (ITEA) and the Internation Trombone Association (ITA). Then there is my favorite, last summer he was in California performing at Disney Land! This was a national audition and he got one of three tenor trombone parts! As he said "Best college gig ever!"

I remember freshman Eric, coming in and always playing, always practicing. I think I can count the times I have seen him WITHOUT a horn in his hand on one hand! He is an amazing musician and I am very proud of how far he has come. I know he will go even further. Congratulations Eric. I cannot wait to see where you go in life, and thanks for making my day better, and letting my creativity flow as you serenaded me with Disney songs. If you are in Statesboro on April 30th at 3pm you need to be at his recital!

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