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  • Sarah Diller Cummins

Brittany & Duran | Engagement

When Brittany announced her engagement on Facebook, I (half) jokingly commented, saying I knew a good photographer. She and I had worked at the same establishment together a couple years ago and we were already acquainted. I met Duran once when he came into the restaurant, and I remember telling her how incredibly cute he was! I was so excited when I got the message that she actually did want to use me as her wedding photographer!!

First things first though. Here are some photos from their engagement/family session. This session could not have went any better and I am so excited to see her adorable son in a suit on the wedding day!! They make such an adorably, perfect family.

This little guy was so good during the first part of the session. In this photo he was playing with his toys in a window sill. I turned around to check on him and he peeked out at me. SO CUTE!!

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