• Sarah Diller Cummins

Katie & Garrett | Engagement

I met Katie and Garrett at Sweetheart Circle on Georgia Southern's campus. He seemed quite and she had a beautiful smile. They looked great together and I just knew this was going to be a great session. These two lovebirds are getting married in February in Atlanta but they wanted to have their engagement session on the campus where they met.

It was a nice fall day, a little warm, (like it is most days here in South Georgia) and we started the session off with a blanket and went from there.

I particularly love these two photos because it reminds me of the day I got engaged almost 3 years ago. It was Thanksgiving and my younger sister used my camera to get some announcement photos for us. She took a photo of our feet because I had to stand on my tip toes just to kiss him. When I saw that Katie was on her toes, I just had to capture it!

These photos were taken in that I like to call my "secret meadow" It is on campus, right off Sweetheart Circle and the trees create a wonderful atmosphere. It was just the 3 of us (and the mosquitoes) and it was so peaceful. I was able to get some great intimate shots of these two.

The ring! So simple, yet so elegant and clean. I decided to use the leaves because they had just started to change it they made it feel more like fall.

We finished the session by the lake as the sun dipped behind the trees. It was the perfect way to end such a beautiful experience. Congratulations Katie and Garrett! Thanks for being awesome!



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