• Sarah Diller Cummins

Christina and Chris | Wedding

I met with Chris and Christina at a coffee shop where we discussed us capturing their wedding. A few months later, they signed the contract and we were booked. For some reason, the location of their ceremony completely slipped my mind. Until one day, I get a message from Christina saying they had scoped out places to take photos around their venue. Then she sent me a photo of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. My heart stopped. This church is located on one of the historical squares in Savannah, and for years I had passed it and said to myself "I will shoot a wedding there one day." Well Christina made my dream come true, and I am sure that this wedding was her dream come true as well.

I arrived at the Hilton Savannah de Soto hotel, reluctantly gave my keys to the valet (my husband and I were in the process of moving and my Ford Escape was completely filled to the roof with belongings that wouldn't fit in our storage unit) and I headed up to the room where the bride was. I shared the elevator with two beautiful ladies who were discussing their make-up and wearing silk robes. Turned out to be the grooms sister and a bridesmaid. When I entered the room, I just knew this was going to be a great day.

There were two balconies off the main room, which I immediately decided I would use of course, and then two more balconies off the master bedroom. One of those balconies had a wonderful view of the cathedral where the couple would later say "I do". The brides magnificently, long veil rested on a chase lounge by a window and boxes over filling with flowers decorated the coffee table. As always, I immediately got to work on getting the detail shots. Her blue velvet shoes were the perfect "something blue" and the white roses were an elegant touch. After getting in those shots,the bridesmaids changed out of their robes and assisted their Princess into her gown. Christina was beautiful, and her ear-to-ear smile never left her face. Of course I got them out onto that balcony for some incredible shots. The brides mother helped attach the same veil that she wore on her wedding day, into her daughter's hair. This moment of pure happiness, and two stunning women, made for a photo I am sure they will share forever.

In another room the guys were also getting ready. Tying ties and shoe laces and assisting each other with their boutonnieres. Both parties walked the two blocks from the hotel where they met in the cathedral. This is where the magic happens.

I had only seen this church from the outside. Yes it is magnificent, however, walking into those double doors was an experience I will never forget. The ceiling seemed to go for miles and the Gothic style arches were embellished with gold. Although I had some very limiting restrictions regarding where I could stand and what photos I could take (which I respected of course) I believe I was able to capture the amazing ceremony pretty well. When the double doors opened, and the bride walked in with her father, (with that smile on her face) all eyes were on here and there was no turning back. They said "I do", then Prince Charming and his Queen climbed into their horse-drawn carriage, which then took them to the ceremony where they danced the night away. A wedding fit for a fairy tale.

Ceremony: St John the Baptist Cathedral

Reception: Hilton Savannnah de Soto Hotel

Flowers: Details and Designs by Holly Thompson

Cake: Publix Bakery

Brides Dress: by Tara Keely from Bridals by Lori

Bridesmaid dresses: Azazie Hair and make-up: Yvette Seigler

Bridesmaids Make-up: Shayna Patel



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