• Sarah Diller Cummins

Kateleigh | Portrait | Ranburne, AL

I have always loved red hair. In fact, in various points I my life, my own hair has been a shade of red. That being said, this sessions was totally spontaneous. Carey, Kateleigh's mother and a high school friend of mine, posted some photos of her beautiful red haired babies in this field of daffodils and after contemplating and hovering my fingers over the keyboard for a while, I messaged Carey and asked if she wouldn't mind if I took some photos of this gorgeous girl. When she said "Yes" I was ecstatic! The result? These wonderful, colorful photos. The golden sun really did these red locks justice! Also, this was in February this year and it was a little chilly but she was a trooper and I think we both had fun.

#goldenhour #sunset #spring #red



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