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Broni & Brooke | Wedding | Issaquah, WA

When Broni messaged me and said she and Brooke were going to be getting married in Seattle and that they wanted me to capture it, I might have cried a little. I was overwhelmed with joy because the farthest West I have ever been was a road trip to Texas when I was 18. Also, I was so honored to have been chosen to capture such a spectacular day for two of my most favorite people in the world

Of course I said YES, and bought my ticket. A couple of flights and a layover later (and lots of Dramamine and Benadryl) they picked me up at the airport and we went back to the air bnb where we would be staying the night. We talked about the plan for the wedding day over fajitas and margaritas then went to sleep. It was like trying to go to sleep before the first day of school. My anxiety and excitement was through the roof, and although I was so happy to be there, I was really missing my 11 month old and husband. I had never been this far from them before. So many mixed emotions filled my head as I tried to sleep the night before this big day.

Enough about me, this day was definitely about these two wonderful women who found each other and created a bond that could only be explained with fate. The place they chose was simply magical. It literally seemed like an entire different world. Moss covered trees tower above, large ferns span the wet ground below, and many other types of trees that I have never seen in my life. Of course I tried to capture everything, but honestly it was impossible for my camera to take in everything my eyes were seeing.

Broni tapped Brooke the shoulder and Brooke turned around to see her almost wife in her dress for the first time and she said "wooooow." It is planted in my head and I can hear it clear as if she had said it yesterday. That "Wow" not only described both of the amazing brides, but the whole entire day. Rain and all!

Love, moss, rain, umbrellas, river, lots of tears, lots of laughter, treehouses, hot chocolate, cake, champagne, and much, much more.

Thank you Broni and Brooke for letting me be a part of such a spectacular, magical day.

I was the ring bearer

Brooke stole my camera and made sure to get these photos of my bawling my eyes out when the officiant turned the marriage license towards me to sign and said I was their witness

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