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Nicole | Wedding:Getting Ready

In November of 2013, I was asked to be a part of a wedding, however, not as the photographer. Two of my best friends, Britt and Nicole, got married on June 6th of this year, and I had the plessure of standing with them as a bridesmaid. I met these two my first semester at Georgia Southern in 2011. We were in the same pledge class for our organization, we were all in the band, and Nicole and I had a class together.

Britt and I worked together and in our down time at work, he had mentioned that he was going to propose. I was so excited for them. The day before they were to have photos together in Savannah, Nicole and I went to get our nails done because she had an idea that it was going to happen. The night after the proposal, Nicole already had her invitations for her bridesmaids ready and one was for me!! Although I did not capture the ceremony, Nicole asked if I would cover the bonfire they had at her parents house the night before the wedding and then the photos of her getting ready before her photographer got there. Here are some of those photos.

So I went upstairs to the reception hall to get some shots of the decorations. When I came back down, I made the mistake of mentioning that I had seen the cake. At this point in the day Nicole was started to get emotional. She was so happy, and nervous, and beautiful!

I snuck myself into this one!

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