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Chiyna & Donnie | Wedding

First off, I was super excited about this wedding because this would be the first wedding using all of my new equipment! That aside, when I met Chiyna I just knew that this was going to be a great day. She was so sweet and was so sure that she wanted me to photograph her wedding. We met at her work so we didn't have much time to chat but it was all the time I needed. When I asked her what she wanted out of me as her photographer she said :

"I expect you to use your imagination to a level you've not used before , I'm not hard to please but I want beautiful , fun, creative photos."

I loved it. It wasn't hard to fufill this request because this was truly a beautiful, fun, and creative wedding. Let's just start with the detail shots!

My favorite color is purple, so of course, I loved the colors. Especially those purple lillies! The candy and desset bar was definitely a hit. I walked over to get some photos and guests were grabbing candy and goodies like crazy. Such a good idea as wedding favors! Oh and look at that cake topper. So elegant!

While the girls were getting ready and keeping the beautiful bride hidden in the back room, I took the guys out for some formal shots. This couple is blessed with so many awesome friends!

Can't forget to include the adorable little ones included in the ceremony as well. Here comes the bride!

I am pretty sure she began her journey down the aisle with her eyes closed and then opened them as she got half way. With her son by her side, this lady was glowing and I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a happy tear. I sure wasn't the only one!

The newlyweds shared a beautiful first dance and then we headed out for more formals with friends and family!

The bride and her mother make a beautiful couple. As well as the groom and his mother. I just LOVE these mother/son dance photos!!

After dinner, Chiyna, Donnie, Michael and I, snuck out for some one on one time. ​So much love.

Then we ate cake, and danced the night away!

I am so blessed to have been able to be a part of this wedding! So beautiful, so much emotion, so much love. Thank you and congratulations!

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