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Jamie & Reid | Wedding

When Jamie first told me the date of their wedding was October 31st, I wondered if it would be Halloween themed. Turned out, it was just the only day they could get off together to have their special day. It was so much fun getting coffee with them and I just knew it was going to be an awesome wedding. Especially when they said they had lightsabers and wanted to take formal portraits with them. The wheels in my head started spinning immediately.

Before the wedding, Jamie wanted some bridal and boudoir photos. I was extremely excited when she called me and told me she had booked a local bed and breakfast for us to have the session in. I went to a flower shop (that just happened to be across the street) made her a bouquet and we spent 5 hours cranking out some tastefully sexy photos, as well as some photos of the bride in her dress. Man oh man was she beautiful!

Fast forward to October 31st. Wedding day! We knew it was in the middle of nowhere and we had a map, but Michael and I decided to use the GPS. BIG MISTAKE! We ended up at the dead end of a 20 mile dirt road in a hunting club. Not to mentioned we were in Michael's 85 year old rickety car. There I was, holding on for dear life as Michael FLEW back down the dirt roat towards the main road, fighting with the GPS to tell us where to go. Oh and we didn't even have cell service so I couldn't even pull up the map. Regardless, we learned our lession and plan to follow the maps the bride gives us from now on. On the positive note...the wedding was GORGEOUS. The sunset lighting was perfect, the weather was nice and the bride was beautiful (but we already knew she would be) Congratulations to Reid and Jamie!! Thanks for the experience and beautiful ceremony!

Like I said, it was a fun and beautiful wedding. Oh and remember the part about the lightsabers? Oh yeah, we got those too!!

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