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Vi & Daniel | Engagement

I would like to start the blog by saying that this past Friday was a little crazy. Friday evening was the Statesboro wedding expo and I had a booth. I started my day by frantically running around making sure I had everything ready. The night before I had stayed up making little favors for the brides as well as making sure I had easels for every print and frames for the unmounted prints. I was soooo excited and I went all out. Oh yeah, I also made brownies. Yum. Set up started at noon so I had to make sure I had everything, shower, make one more batch of brownies and go set up before my engagement session in Savannah at 2. Yes. I had an engagement session at two, but I was so excited about it because it was a new, INCREDIBLE, location that I have never shot before. So I rushed (stressed myself out a little too much) got lunch with my husband and drove to Savannah. Wormsloe in the middle of the day is so serene. The sun coming through the massive oak trees was so soft and almost foggy looking. I felt so small as I stood at the beginning of the long road that seems to have no end. It was like I was in a dream.

Now to the reason I was at this beautiful location. This amazingly, adorable couple. Let’s see some of their shots!

Look how cute they are!!

The worst part about having the engagement session before the expo wasn’t that I had to drive back and forth and was 15 minutes late. The worst part was that I had to go to the expo and couldn’t edit these images!! Like I said. This venue was incredible, and these two were adorable so it was totally worth it. I hope they like these images as much as I do. Also, I had a lot of fun at the expo. I got to meet a lot of beautiful brides (and eat brownies) I would say that it turned out to be a pretty good day!

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