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  • Sarah Diller Cummins

Allyson & Samuel | Engagement

In January, I was at Savannah's Venue at Red Gate for an engagement session. It was probably about 20 degrees and the wind was so hard, if I weighed any less it might have knocked me down. I had some time to kill, so I was hiding out in the office where there was a heater, when there was a knock at the door. The manager was no where to be seen so I opened the door and let them in out of the cold. Allyson and Samuel were there for a tour of the venue, and Trish (the awesome manager of Red Gate) had stepped out for a few so I stood there and kept them company. We talked for a while and of course I gave them my card. They were adorable and I was excited to be considered to capture their ceremony. Well a couple months later, there was the email from Allyson. We discussed many different places for their engagement session. We talked about Wormsloe, Forsyth Park and Fort Pulaski, all places I was familiar with and had sessions before. Then, Allyson expressed that she wanted to try to get some romantic sunset photos with the Savannah Marshes as the backdrop. I did some research and decided that Skidaway Island State park would be perfect. Boy was it ever.

We started at the beautiful Forsyth park in Downtown Savannah for the family photos with their adorable (and well trained, might I add) fur babies. I adored Allyson's polka dot dress and the fountain and light posts were just perfect for her look.

After getting some fantastically, adorable shots in the park, we chased the sunset to Skidaway. We power walked through the trails, trying to get to the river before the sun set behind the trees. We might have missed the sun by a tiny bit, but I am incredibly happy with how these turned out. I will just let these photos speak for themselves!

These two are fantastic. I cannot wait to capture their wedding a year from now!!

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