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  • Sarah Diller Cummins

Courtney & Cole | Wedding | Hinesville, GA

Courtney and Cole were wed on the river bank in Woodbine, Ga under a cluster of enormous oak trees. The warm summer wind blew through the Spanish moss as it swept their love through the crowd of family and friends who were there to witness such a splendid evening. The bridesmaids lavender dresses matched Courtney’s (quite adorable) lavender shoes, and groomsmen looked dapper in their suspenders and matching lavender ties.

Courtney’s dad patiently awaited her tap on his shoulder as the tears were already welling up in his eyes. His daughter was stunning in her flowing gown and no tears were spared as the bridesmaids also witness this beautiful moment.

Cole didn’t want to see Courtney until she was down the aisle, so after all the guest had taken their seats and the bridal party were in their places, he turned around to face the lagoon. The doors opened and there she stood with her arm latched to her dad’s and a big smile of anticipation and joy on her face. When he turned around the two looked at each other for the first time all day, and their smiling faces said it all. Their love for each other so apparent that every witness that day (including myself) had to have either shed tears or had a sparkle in their eye.

After the ceremony we took more photos of friends and family and then it was time for some magic. We made excellent use of some old ruins on the property and of course those moss covered trees! I could not have asked for a better backdrop for these intimate photos of this couple.

As they shared first dances the setting sun shimmered through the palm trees and even the [annoying] gnats aided in creating a glitter-like effect for the photos. Everything was glowing, especially the happy couple!

We snuck off to the dock to get a few more sunset photos. One of my favorite things about Courtney and Cole, is how comfortable they are with each other. I love all the intimate photos, however, the fun, silly ones were definitely my favorite!

Talk about silly, check out those cake photos. Most definitely the most epic cake throwing I have ever witnessed at a wedding! I believe some of the guests might have even gotten a taste as the cake flew off of Cole’s face. I have to say, I laughed so hard as I was editing those photos. Seeing the moment in person was pretty hilarious, but seeing their hands smashing cake into their faces, and cake suspended in the air, just makes it that much more perfect.

Much dancing was done and the paper lanterns created a soft, ambient light for the night.

Enough talking, you need to see the magic for yourselves!!

Special thanks to all who made this day possible and beautiful for the amazing couple!

Wedding dress: J Andrews Bridal Shop in Peachtree City Ga

Bridesmaids dresses: Davids Bridal

Cake: Rachel Belcher

Food: Olive Garden and Papa Johns

Hair and Makeup: Lani Smith

Flowers: Sams Club

Videographers:Oak and Willow Wedding Films (out of Atlanta)

Coordinator: Linda Cook

DJ: Reagan Moore

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